How to Enable God mode in Windows PC

How to Enable God mode in Windows PC

To Create God mode in you PC you need to login to you Windows Machine with Administrative privilege

Then Right Click on the desktop and create new folder in there

Then Rename it with following name

God Mode .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

Double clicking this icon will give you access to many features like you see in this pic 

How to uninstall NetBeans IDE from Linux

How to uninstall NetBeans IDE from Linux
in older version NetBeans default uninstall location was /usr/local/netbeansxxxx 
but in new versions they have changed installation locations , actually you can decide to which location to install 
in new versions you can easily find the installed location just right click and checking properties of NetBeans Desktop icon  

in my case i have installed it in my Home folder 
i opened terminal 
moved to installation location using cd /installation path
*change installation path to yours 

in your terminal it will looks like this 
type  ./    
press enter 

How to install NetBeans IDE in Linux

How to install Netbeans IDE in Linux
first go to netbean download page
download the netbeans installer .sh file 
open terminal go to download location 
make file executable by using following commands in terminal 
chmod +x  

in your case netbeans file name may very 
once you make file executable type following commands in terminal 
in your case change to your file name 
it will pop up a installation wizard like this

just follow the instruction to install 
after installation you can find NetBeans IDE icon on your desktop double click it to open the application

How to Uninstall NetBeans IDE From Linux Click This Link

How to fix NTFS partition is in an unsafe state error in linux ?

How to fix NTFS partition is in an unsafe state ?

This usually happen with recently upgraded dual bootable windows linux pc , if you upgraded to windows 8 or later you will get this error in linux


open your terninal


sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda3

in here /sda3 is my hdd id check error in your pc for your hdd id

HP Smart Array P212,P410,P411,P711m,P818 Controllers Not Showing Full size 3TB or above HDD

When i was trying to add new 3TB hdd to HP DL 180 G6 Server which has a HP Smart Array P410 Controller in it ,  the HDD is only detecting as 800 GB HDD Check the error below

After getting this error i have noticed and read instructions which came with HDD , in that instructions it clearly Saying that if we need to add HDD Which has a Capacity of 2.2 TB or above we need to upgrade the Current Firmware to 5.0 or later and supported controllers as follows

HP Smart Array P212 ControllerHP Smart Array P410 Controller HP Smart Array P410i ControllerHP Smart Array P411 Controller HP Smart Array P711m ControllerHP Smart Array P712m ContorllerHP Smart Array P812 Controller

Then i go to this Url to Download Latest Firmware for HP Smart Array P410 (also support for P212,P410i,P411,P711m,P712m,P812)

HP Smart Array P212, P410, P410i, P411, P711m, P712m, and P812 Controller Firmware Versions !

From this url you can download latest or older version of firmware !

after downloading and updating firmwar…

How to access your Linux Desktop using android app

How to access your Linux Desktop using android app 

To using this you need to be in same network

There are two apps available in playstore free and pay 

for this tutorial i have used free one

install this app and open it in your android device

then configured it with ip , username and password of your linux machine

Click connect to establish connection between your linux machine and Android device 

enjoy :)

How to Remote Desktop (rdp) to Windows using Linux

i am using Linux Mint as client machine

for Ubuntu / Mint open terminal

use this command line to install rdesktop

sudo apt-get install rdesktop

hit enter

then type your password in hidden field

type y and hit enter

after installing rdesktop you have to type this command in terminal window


in this case my server ip is

a windows login window will pop up

use your login account and password to login