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iCham Theme ! for apple mac Chameleon boot loaders !

Click for Full Preview.   Now on to the fine print... =P

I always thought iOS lent itself nicely to a simple Cham theme, just needed a frame, and that's where the iPad came in. Came together easily after that, though the hardest part (By Far) is having to adjust for the various bugs/quirks Chameleon has. Once finished, I couldn't help but mimic typical Apple advertising.  

Technical Notes

-Theme was designed for 1920x1200 and cropped for 1680x1050. 1366x768 required a resize of the iPad and devices.

-Icons are adjusted to look as close to the mockup as possible in the options screen. Some effects look exaggerated because of this in the first/countdown screen.

-By Default, the theme uses an invisble/hidden font_small, so you will not be able to see your partition names. If you need the functionality, there is an alternate font_small included. The obligatory Ubuntu alternate is also included.

-PSD is 1920x1200. Resizing will be necessary for your resolution if you'd like to …

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