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How to create USB Bootable Pendrive to update Bios

Hi friends here i am going to show you how to make a USB Bootable Pendrive to UPDATE BIOS

*  i am using HP Bios files for this tutorial

Things you need ! 
a Pendrive Windows 98 Boot Files  => Here is the link : Click to downloadHP USB Disk Format Tool  =>  Here is the link : Click to download Bios Files a PC with Windows OS 
Here we go .........

Connect your pendrive to your pc Download your files (above mentioned )Extract all file to Desktop Install HP USB Disk Format Tool V2.1.8 (Right Click and RUN as admin to install or run program)after installing run program as RUN as Administrator confirm you have selected right pendrive in application select format as FAT32Do NOT label tick Quick format tick Create a DOS system files located at:  now show path where you have extracted win98boot files "show folder"now click ok  then startnow a warning message will pop up CLICK YES after formatting  click ok and close application now you cant see any files in your pendrive but its bo…